Ocean Freight.
We offer our clients:

1. Competitive tariffs.
2. Presentation of all necessary documentation and coordination of paperwork to obtain the cargo clearance in due time and form so as to avoid higher port charges in origin.
3. Inspection Service of goods for discharge, through the Survey Department.
4. Temperature controlled handling and storage facilities.
5. Ocean freight for customers who are shipping quantities that do not require a complete container (LCL= Less than Container Load).
6. Just in Time service for Full Container, RO/RO, General Purpose Cargo, Heavy Lift and Bulk Vessels.

7.Constant follow up of the suppliers purchase orders in order to meet delivery dates and provide the consignee with updated reports on the goods condition.
8. Advance payment of port tariffs and expenditures at the shipping terminals.
9. Advance delivery of all documentation, prior to arrival of the goods in the Buenos Aires Port.


Air Freight:
We provide:

1. Competitive tariffs.
2. Consolidation and delivery to and from the main international airports.
3. Merchandise delivery by Private International Couriers.
4. Booking in all airlines giving the client the possibility of choosing the most direct or economical flight.
5. Facilities, communications systems, and qualified staff at Ezeiza International Airport.
6. Cargo unloading from shipping warehouses and transport with the corresponding carrier according to the products needs.
7. Advise and assistance of our Customs Agent in all matters related to presentations before the Customs House, prior to and after shipment.
8. Daily delivery of documents to the Customs Agent appointed by the consignee, before the payment of service, in order to avoid greater storage fees at the airport.
9.Inspection Service of goods, both in origin and upon the consignees request.
10. Express Handling Service for urgent shipments.

a Land Transport:
Our fleet covers different types of cargoes, among which there are:
1.Dangerous Cargoes.
2. Refrigerated Cargoes.
3. Volume Cargoes.
4. Special Goods.
5. Bulk Freight.
6. Food.
7. Express Handling Service.
8. Door to Door Consolidated Cargoes.
9. Multimodal Transport.

These services are provided both FTL or LTL.

We have a complete fleet of units which covers all the requested cargo options, equipped with satellite tracking in case the customer requires it.

Our fleet has more than 30 state-of-the-art units, among which we find:

- Syder: Lateral loading units, from 94 to 105 m3, with a 25,000 Kg. load capacity.

- Wagons: Rear loading units, from 90 to 100 m3, with a 25,000 Kg. load capacity.

- Open Wagons: Diverse loading capacity, from 50 to 70 m3, and with a load capacity from 25,000 Kg. to 27,000 Kg.

- Reefer Wagons: Rear loading, from 80 to 92 m3, with a 25,000 Kg. load capacity.

- Truck: Diverse loading, with 35 m3 and a maximum load weight of 14,000 Kg.

- Special Units: Used for transporting machinery, and all those cargoes which exceed the authorized normal standards.

aSupply Chain Management:

Our chain management services include ocean and air freight, land transport, combined logistics, courier services and contract logistics. With agents & affiliates around the world, we provide our clients avant-garde warehousing management with flexible and efficient collecting and consolidation and clearing processes.


Products & Services

1. A trusting and secure logistics service.

2. Personalized professional assistance

3. Door to door service for all your cargo

4. High technology tracking and tracing service

5. An international net of high qualified agents at your call

6. Great experience in all sorts of cargo.